Savoring Spice

Exploring Sri Lanka’s cuisine

On why you really should try digging into a plate of rice and curry with your hand

Sri Lankans eat with their hands. Actually that’s not correct – Sri Lankans eat with their hand. Their right hand to be precise. (Unless they’re left handed, in which case they use their left but not their right. Confused? Good, read on.) It’s not only Sri Lankans who do it – people in parts of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia practice what’s known as…

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The journey from eating rice and beans to eating rice and curry

June 2019 marked the 8-year anniversary of my having moved to Sri Lanka. You may be wondering what happens to someone who stays in this country for that long – do you automatically start saying “aiyo!”, drinking lots of tea, and craving curry? Well if you’re me, then yes, yes and sort of. I am like a sponge and tend to soak in my surroundings…

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